Shamanic Circle

SHAMANIC GATHERING IN CENTRAL PARK Celebration of Oneness Sunday, October 20th, 2013 At: The Great Hill (bet. 103rd-106th Streets - enter from the West side) 1pm – Sunset - Rain or Shine Come share food, participate in ceremonies of many shamanic traditions, drum, sing, dance, journey to the spirit world and shapeshift with our community Presenters: John Lockely – Sangoma, South African Shaman Kalpulli Yayauhki Tezcatlipoca - Mexihka Dance group Adam Kane - Native Amercan Tradition Susana Tapia Leon – Ecuadorian Shaman Eliana Carlson - Tensegrity, Carlos Castaneda's Movements Maestro Manuel Ruffino and the Golden Drum Community Eleanora Amendolara - Peruvian sound and Chumpi stones meditation Chief Running Water - Native American Bishop Lygia Maciel De Castro – Brazilian Elder Shaman David Miner and the Djembe group Irma StarSpirit Woman & Judy Caban – Water Ceremony Evan Worldwind - Didgeridoo Sound Healing Member of the NY Shamanic Core Circle: Itzhak Beery, Irma StarSpirit Woman, Sarah Eve Cardell, Naz Fontanilla, Sage Logan, Justin Nathan, Olivia Olkowski, Cris Parque. And other local and indigenous shamans and musicians

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